Cosplay Contacts and Circle Lenses

This is an archive of the different lenses I’ve used during my cosplay career. They are listed by color and include my thoughts on them, where you can buy them, and links to the costumes I’ve worn them with, so you can get an idea of what lenses work for a character and how they look in different types of lighting. I feel this is a useful resource because it’s always a crap shoot trying to guess how contacts will look on you based on how they look on the model. My hope is that I can help you choose your lenses by having a consistent reference of what they look like on the same person!
Contacts I use
Beaucon Vibrant Match Blue
My favorite blue contacts, I doubt I will ever buy another kind as long as these are in production. Very bright and beautiful color! The pictures on the website don’t do them justice.
  • Sheryl
  • Beatrice
  • Ryuko
Dolly+ Red
Just the right amount of creepy red, absolutely love these.
  • Belphegor
  • Mammon
  • Riven
Neo Sunflower Green
I wish the color on these was brighter on me. They were recently ruined so I will probably try another kind when I re-order.
  • Saber
These turned out to be more brown than yellow when I wore them. They are a lovely color, but not nearly as gold as I would have liked. I will probably order these next time since I know several people who have used them, and they look gorgeous.
  • Mami
  • Margaret
Absolutely gorgeous, not much else to say! I used these instead of my blue ones for Satsuki since her eyes are a less vibrant blue-grey, and I’ve never regretted it – they give me that steely stare every time.
My second attempt at finding bright green lenses. I chose these because I love their blue so much, but was disappointed by these. Though they did come in handy – I ended up wearing them for Captain America (I didn’t want to wear bright blue lenses and I was too lazy to order amore natural color) and they look pretty natural. So, good to wear if you want a natural look, not so much if you want to look anime.
  • Saber
  • Captain America