Lens Review: Twilight Yellow

Photography by Eurobeat Kasumi
Photography by Eurobeat Kasumi
  • Purchased from: LensVillage
  • Diameter:  15 mm
  • Water content:  38%
  • Lulu’s rating: 8/10
  • Would I buy these again? Yes

I was looking for special effect lenses for a project when I discovered the harsh truth – they don’t come in prescription. This was pretty disheartening because I really wanted that slightly crazy look that flat white or light blue lenses give you. My beloved Honeycolor had failed me for the first time!

I did some digging around and found the Twilight series lenses (first person to make a joke about vampires gets punched in the mouth). I first ordered the blue pair since they were the closest I could find to the special effects lenses. I liked them enough to decide to order the yellow pair in order to cosplay Shadow Naoto at SabotenCon.

If you know me, you know I love Naoto from Persona 4. She’s arguably my favorite video game character of all time. Her personality is difficult for me to capture as a cosplayer, so I’d always wanted to cosplay her shadow variant, since I could be more expressive and, well, crazy (since those are my favorite characters to portray). I hesitated for a long time because I simply couldn’t find lenses that I liked! But when I was asked to be part of a group for Sabo, I couldn’t say no – and fortunately I found these lenses.


I have to say they work pretty damn well. My only complaint is that the color dulls a little bit when I put them in – probably because my eyes are too dark, I suppose. But, thanks to the black border on the lens, they are still pretty effective even when the lighting on my face isn’t so great (as you can see in the photo below).

Photography by Eurobeat Kasumi
Photography by Eurobeat Kasumi

I was originally iffy about the fact that these  lenses had the black ring on them, since I really liked the flat, blanked-out look special effects lenses often have, but after seeing them in photos I’m much happier with them.

Overall, I would still prefer to have special effects lenses, but these are a great and pretty effective alternative for those of us who need to use a prescription.

I used these contacts for the following characters. Click the link to see the best photo of these lenses in action. Browse through the gallery to see them in different kinds of lighting.

  • Shadow Naoto x