We interview Luluko about cosplay!

ermagerd guys! my first press interview!

Legion of Sand

When I first started this site I had a goal of being able to support local cosplayers as much as I could no matter their kill level or popularity. I very briefly met cosplayer Luluko at Phoenix Comicon a few months ago in her version of Captain America which was very well done. This is another chance to support a local cosplayer who you can see at the end of the month at Saboten Con.

If you can’t make Saboten you can see her at other local cons:

Comic & Media Expo in Mesa
Librarycon in Gilbert
TaiyouCon in Mesa
DevCon in Glendale

IMG_5535.JPG Photo Credit: Oscar Cwajbaum

To find out more info on other cons you can catch Luluko at, check her out on social media


LoS: What character did you find appealing enough to make you start cosplaying?

lulu: That’s a good question, and I’m struggling…

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