Lens Review: Neo Lucky Clover Brown

Margaret (Persona 4) cosplayed by me. Photography by Toshi Yamioka.
Margaret (Persona 4) cosplayed by me. Photography by Toshi Yamioka.
  • Purchased from: Honeycolor
  • Base curve:  8.6 mm
  • Diameter:  14.2 mm
  • Water content:  45%
  • Lulu’s rating: 7/10
  • Would I buy these again? Probably not

I purchased these back in 2011 when I was only starting to wear circle lenses and didn’t know much about them. Had I known what I know now, I wouldn’t have bought these! I bought these lenses to use with Mami (and I think C.C. also), so I was hoping for a lovely golden color that wasn’t so yellow it made me look creepy. Based on the product photos, in my noobishness, I thought these would get me that effect. Not even close! In person, the lenses are more transparent than one might expect, and as such, the color of the lens blended with my natural eye color and just turned… brown. All the pretty golden flecks disappeared. Such a disappointment! I say that I would probably not buy these again because while they weren’t the color I was hoping for, they work really lovely if I just wanted brown contacts. But, because of the transparency of the color, they may not work out the same for you. I used these contacts for the following characters. Click the link to see the best photo of these lenses in action. Browse through the gallery to see them in different kinds of lighting.

  • Mami Tomoe x
  • Margaret x