Lens Review: EOS Dolly Eye Violet

Ririchiyo Shirakiin (InuXBoku SS) cosplayed by me Photography by JouninK
Ririchiyo Shirakiin (InuXBoku SS) cosplayed by me
Photography by JouninK
  • Purchased from: Pinky Paradise
  • Base curve:  8.6 mm
  • Diameter:  14.2 mm
  • Water content:  38%
  • Lulu’s rating: 5/10
  • Would I buy these again? No

I don’t read much manga (college kind of killed the concept of reading for fun) but I absolutely love InuXBoku SS. Last summer I blitzed through every scanlated chapter available as well as the anime. I loved Ririchiyo and Soushi’s relationship and wanted to cosplay Riri for my last con of the year.

In the anime, Ririchiyo’s eyes have this lovely dark-to-vibrant purple gradient. While I knew I wouldn’t find that in circle lenses, I knew I wanted something that matched the more vibrant color. I opted for these – judging by the photos on the model, they would give me the exact color I wanted!

And I ended up massively disappointed. The actual color is quite lovely, but it was not nearly as bright as I was hoping – in real life, they looked much darker than the photos,  and even darker when I was wearing them. I didn’t dislike how they looked, but they weren’t what I wanted.

To make things worse, these are the most uncomfortable contacts I’ve ever worn – in the sense that the part of the contact you actually see through (I’m sure there’s a technical term for this, but Google didn’t help me find one) is too small. This means that whenever the lens shifted, I would see a sliver of purple, and this was really disorienting and uncomfortable. I expect a certain amount of disorientation when I wear circle lenses (I have astigmatism in my left eye and most circle lenses aren’t made for that), but these were such a pain to wear for more than a couple hours.

As stated above, I will definitely not be buying these again! I recently bought a new pair of violet lenses that I’m much more pleased with, so I will post that review once I get good photos.

I used these contacts for the following characters. Click the link to see the best photo of these lenses in action. Browse through the gallery to see them in different kinds of lighting.

  • Hanayo Koizumi x
    • You will need to view the fullsize version of this photo to see the lenses – they are dark but you can still see them. In most of the other photos, I’m not wearing them at all. We were in these costumes for several hours and the lenses were just that bad. 😦
  • Ririchiyo Shirakiin x