Lens Review: Beaucon Vibrant Match Blue

Sheryl Nome cosplayed by me Photography by Chantal Winters
Sheryl Nome (Macross Frontier) cosplayed by me
Photography by Chantal Winters
  • Purchased from: Honeycolor
  • Base curve:  8.6 mm
  • Diameter:  14.0 mm
  • Water content:  45%
  • Lulu’s rating: 10/10
  • Would I buy these again? Yes, and I have!

These are my absolute favorite blue contacts, and I will probably never purchase another kind as long as these are in production. The color is lovely and saturated, and it really pops in photos. Basically, they make me look SUPER ANIME and I love it. For that reason, if you are going for a more natural look, I would not recommend these.

I used these contacts for the following characters. Click the link to see the best photo of these lenses in action. Browse through the gallery to see them in different kinds of lighting – but be aware that I may be wearing no lenses or different lenses in some of those photos.

  • Beatrice x
  • Lucina
  • Mari Makinami x
  • Naoto Shirogane x
  • Ryuko Matoi x
  • Sheryl Nome x x

This list is updated as I use these lenses for other characters. Last update: 7/25/2014.